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September 12 – Getting To Yes Class


Please join us at Grace Presbyterian for a small group dialogue using a six-session DVD which combines scientific research and Christian concepts for reaching wise agreements that preserve and enhance relationships at work, church, and in our families. It’s more than just a way to look at disagreement.

This program has been created by Dr. Karl Slakieu, an internationally recognized psychologist, mediator and author.  Karl has over three decades’ experience in mediating family, organizational and faith based disputes.  His model for psychological first aid has been translated into thirty-two languages for use by the American Red Cross to help earthquake and tsunami survivors in Central America and Asia.

In 2009-10 Karl served as a Sr. Social Scientist with the US Army in Afghanistan, where he interviewed villagers and helped Coalition Forces adjust stability operations to address needs of the local population.

We  will be using the DVD and curriculum Karl has developed.  Lou Ann and Don Moore have trained with Karl and are certified as trainers.  They have also taught many of these types of courses for years, putting into practice the skills used in this course, in both private and
public sectors.

The class will include lots of discussion and activity.  Don and Lou Ann will be leading this class on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Prayer Room beginning Sept. 12. You do NOT have to be a member of Grace to participate in this class!

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