We offer support to Voigt Elementary School with the G.I.V.E. program which stands for Grace Invests in Voigt Elementary. There are a number of ways to serve including working directly with students as a Mentor or as a Literacy Partner.

The STARS Mentor Program is a school-based program encompassing students in grades K-12. The Mentor Program provides an opportunity for business and community volunteers to improve students’ academic attitude and enhance their school experiences by acting as a positive role model, building a friendship, and exploring college and career opportunities. Students are nominated by campus personnel for a variety of reasons and must have a signed parental approval form on file. Once matched, the mentor and the student meet regularly on campus during the normal schools hours, typically over lunch. Mentors are screened, trained, and carefully matched with students. After training, mentors are connected with the campus Mentor Coordinator.

Education Connection provides the opportunity to be a Literacy Partner. These volunteers come to the school 30 minutes a week to support students in grades 1 – 3 with reading. Partners meet with 2 students for 15 minutes each listening to them read and reading to them. Because of your support, elementary-aged children in our area will grow in confidence, self-esteem, and improved academic skills. Training occurs in October and students are served from November through May. It is never too late to take part in this program.

In addition, we support a tennis shoe closet which supplies shoes for students in need. Typically the smaller sizes are the most beneficial which include children’s sizes 11, 12, 13, 1 and 2.


For more information, please contact Mary Lieffort

Voigt Elementary

1201 Cushing Drive
Round Rock, TX 78664